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Products that really work for oily & acne prone skin (The body shop & Origins review)

I haven't had any skin & make up posts for a while now so today I want to share with you some products that I use for my oily & acne prone skin. 
Don't get me wrong, I'm no skincare expert and my skin isn't perfect neither. However, I just want to share what personally worked for me so you can try it (I don't guarantee they will work on you too).
I suffered from oily skin and acne so much you can't even imagine. I would wake up every morning with so much oil, almost dripping from my face :( I also broke out a lot on my forehead, cheeks, and jaw areas. My skin was in a really bad condition partially because my lifestyle wasn't really the best one. When I don't have time I eat a lot of fast food, and my boyfriend likes to cook fried stuff and things with a lot of oil which has worsen my skin drastically. I also sleep late and don't drink enough water. And even I really hated my skin, I wasn't willing to change my lifestyle, simply because I have a weak will when it comes to food :(. Anyways, I hope you guys are taking better care of yourselves than I do.

So, let's start with the review. 

I have a really oily face so usually after a few hours the oil will just wash off all my make up on my T zone which can be extremely frustrating. I tried all kinds of moisturizer (Garnier shine control moisturizer, Lancome and Paula's choice etc), nothing worked. So I went on google and did some research, and found out Origins have a series of products for blemish and oil control called "Zero Oil" and the reviews were really good so I purchased a toner and a cleanser (they still have blemish pads, lotion, some kind of powder etc etc). I would have purchased the whole set but because I wanted to try them out first to see if they work and also because they are a bit pricey (£18.50 for the 150 ml toner and £18.50 for 150 ml cleanser).

Origins cleanser

Origins toner
 I had some experience with Origins before when I used their best selling Blemish gel. It worked like magic at first so I repurchased it. It would dry out all your spots just over night. However it's not a long term solution because when I used it for long time, my skin somehow just got used to it and not only it wasn't working on my spots anymore, it made some of it even worse and I also got scars even after using it. I would recommend it if you don't suffer too much from acne but just break out from time to time.
Back to the toner & moisturizer. When it comes to oily skin, these products do work to reduce it. I could see a huge improvement, my make up lasted longer and I didn't need to repowder as ofter. However, the cleanser wasn't the best for my acne since my skin prefers a cleanser with a scrubbing effect.

That was oily skin, lets move on to acne and blemishes.

I just newly discovered "Tea tree" range from The body shop which worked wonders for me. I bought almost all the products from this range including the mask, moisturizer, face wash, tea tree oil and a night lotion. (You can click on photo captions to buy the products).

Facial wash (250 ml/£5)
Skin clearing lotion (15ml/£3, 50ml/£8)
Night lotion (30 ml/£9)
Tea tree oil (10ml/ £7)
Face mask (100ml/£10)

The ones that I like the most are the mask, the night lotion and the oil. They work sooo well together that I have no negative things to point out. They are also very affordable which is a huge plus. They all have a pretty strong minty smell which I personally don't mind as long as they work.
My most favorite one is the Tea Tree oil which comes in a little bottle. But don't worry, a little goes a long way with this one. The smell might be a bit strong and unpleasant but it is totally worth it.
Try for yourself! I don't break out so much anymore, but I still have a lot of acne scars which hopefully will disappear soon. If I improve my lifestyle, I believe my skin will me clear in no time.

They still have huge variety of products that I can't wait to try. They also have a Tea tree body wash for people who have problems with back and body acne.
I hope this post helped and if you have any questions leave a comment or you can email me directly at

P/S: This post wasn't sponsored! Just wanted to share :)

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