Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Summer floral dress

So I recently received this floral dress from JustFor5Pounds. It is a very pretty dress with 2 seam pockets if you want to go for a romantic, girly look. I combined it with my new white chunky boohoo heels.

Justfor5pounds.com is a website with massive range of products and the best thing about it is that all of them are for £5, such a bargain right! They ship worldwide and do accept returns. They also have plus sizes for curvy ladies. You should definitely check them out. Here is my top 5 pick from the website.


You can purchase this cute baby blue peplum top HERE.


Get this adorable pair of sandals with gold details HERE.


This cut out blouse is perfect for the summer. Get it HERE.


Romantic floral dress, also available in black & white HERE.


This hat is perfect for the sun and the beach. Also available in black. Get it HERE.


This amazing gold fringe statement necklace. Get it HERE.

Dress: Justfor5pounds.com
Shoes: Boohoo.com
Necklace: Asos
Watch: Michael Kors

Saturday, 21 June 2014

UCA Graduate fashion week

So recently I had a chance to attend the UCA (University of the Creative Arts) graduate fashion show. I was a great opportunity to see other people's work from other universities, not only from London but also other great universities out of London. To be honest, it did inspire me a lot to see what I should expect for next year (Yes, I'm graduating next year. Getting nervous...). There were so-o many portfolios, illustrations, photographs etc. It was a shame I couldn't see them all.

And here comes the Ravensbourne stand :) ! (If you don't know already, I'm a Ravensbourne girl ;))

Amazing moodboard by Lauren Laurent

Yes, I had to take a picture next to the mood board :D. For the show I wore skinny distressed jeans, combined with a spaghetti strap top with a white blazer and court heels. Very simple.

And now about the show. I have divided them into categories (bear in mind that they are all based on my opinion so no need to get offended) such as; The best prints, The most creative, The best textile, The most interesting, My favorite collection etc.and also my most favorite garments. So check them out.

1. The most interesting

This collection is, I believe based on packaging of different kind of junk food and treats...? It does remind me a lot of the Moschino Autumn/Winter 14-15 collection by Jeremy Scott. The style is very much different but the idea is very similar. I really liked it because of the popping colors. My favorite piece from the collection is the Pringles jacket (not just because I enjoy eating Pringles :D).

Collection by Eujean Cha

Another collection I found interesting is by Sarah E Blake. I didn't take many photos of this collection because I wanted to enjoy it. I remember it very well because of the great choice of music that went with it. It surely made the mood (You can check it out in a short video on my instagram).

This next collection is by

2. Best Textile

This is also one of my most favorite collections from the show. My favorite piece is the red jacket. I love the silhouette, the colour, the texture.. just perf. Also the purple cape and the pink dress, just brilliant!

Collection by Katie Jane Simmonds.

This next collection is by Zahra Yasmine Azam. She went for ethnic prints with bold colors and slight touch of neon green. My favorite piece is the dress, mostly because of the texture.

3. Favorite pieces

This dress is by Karina Jemmott. I really love the floaty, dreamy feeling of it.
This coat by Olivia Yates-Housley is just top!
This dress by Minuse Agasil made the model look like a Greek goddess.

4. Favorite collection

This minimalist all-white collection is by Poppy Gooderick. I'm personally not so into minimalist fashion but this collection just really caught my eyes. It's maybe the fact that white is my favorite color or maybe it's the way it was presented- very neat. Using white as the main color, she made the collection look very pure and feminine yet very strong. I just love it! (Excuse the photo quality. My camera died I had to take the pictures with my phone :( )


This might be irrelevant but this year I had the chance to help backstage for the Ravensbourne Graduate Fashion Show. It was very exciting with a lot of awesome collections. However I didn't have the chance to see the whole show which was a shame :(. Here are some pictures from backstage.