Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Yves Saint Laurent the movie

Last week I had a chance to go watch the preview screening for Yves Saint Laurent the movie starring Pierre Niney and Guillaume Gallienne directed by Jalil Lesper. It will be available in cinemas in the UK March 21st.

Pierre Niney and Guillaume Gallienne

At the end of the screening we also had an Q&A session and got to see the director and the actors. We got to hear their thoughts and experience on the movie.
I personally didn't know much about YSL's life before I watched the movie so I found it very unpredictable and exciting.
I found the fact that they used the original YSL garments for the movie interesting and I also found the difference between catwalk nowadays and catwalk back then very exciting.

I really enjoyed the movie. It not only a great biography movie about a fashion genius, it's also a great drama about love, trust, sexuality, the transition of one's personality and how success had influenced them. If you love fashion or dramas, this movie is a must-watch.


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  2. movie sounds good..i like such movies..story based..i am gonna check this mov for sure
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