Monday, 31 March 2014

March beauty reviews


I've heard so many good things about this mascara so I had to purchase it without any hesitation. It was a bit pricey and to be honest with you I was very disappointed. Like typical asian oriental lashes, mine are very thin and short. They also didn't have any curls whatsoever. The texture is very thick and it weighted my lashes down. It did a good job lengthening my lashes but I didn't see the point if my lashes were pointing downwards. Because the texture was thick, you could easily get clumps. I personally hated it but it might work for people with thicker lashes. I recommend purchasing the smaller size first.


I have recently purchased a M.A.C lipstick in shade "Unlimited". I personally don't like M.A.C lipsticks because I heard they really dry out your lips. But I was looking for a matte lipstick so I thought I would give it a try. I was really impressed, it was very pigmented and didn't dry my lips neither. Very light texture, the colour I chose was lovely and it literally last the whole day even after eating and drinking. I would definitely recommend and I'm sure I will purchase more in different shades.


I don't really have or know about haircare products. But because my hair was terribly bleached (yes, I was blonde) and damaged, I had to purchased something to get my hair back to normal. So I did some reseach and found this , and I quote "Overnight Treatment for Damage, Dry and Depleted Hair in Need of Intense Repair". It was pretty pricey, I got it for around £25 for 100 ml from To be honest, it did soften my hair but it wasn't amazing for that price. I think you can get other products that are half the price and they could do the same job. I will not be purchasing this again, but if money isn't the issue for you, I would recommend this product.


I have recently purchased this Revlon crayon lip balm/stain because I heard lip stains are suppose to last longer than lipsticks. I purchased it in shade 240 (Striking Spectaculair). The texture is really light and very balm-like. It doesn't dry out your lips, but the colour is not very pigmented (needs to be built up 2-3 times). It also lasted very long (around 6 hours) before you have to reapply. However, I might have purchased a wrong colour because I just feel like my face cannot pull off a red lipstick. I always look very clown-like. Apart from that I really like the product and will definitely purchase more in different shade. 



I purchased this primer in shade 5 a while ago in Sephora in Prague. They have 7 shades in total and each of them were suppose to do something different (reduce redness, add radiance to your skin etc.). It says on their website that this primer deeply nourishes, moisturizes, and softens the skin. I didn't see any of that. It didn't soften my skin, nor moisturized it. For me it did nothing. For the price really not worth it. 

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