Sunday, 23 February 2014

February new purchases

So for those who don't know me, I'm totally obsessed with shoes. It is a serious addiction that has taken most of my money away :( (shopaholics will know). I really love high heels, I just feel like they make the woman "a woman". Some might find this offensive, but high heels do make every outfit more feminine and sexy especially for short girls like me. However, that's not the point of this post.
I was just looking through the internet for a pair of flat booties since mine were a little bit worn out (Yes, I love high heels but I don't wear them that much. Most of them I haven't worn out for like... never... I love them, but if you live in London you will know it is a very hard mission to walk around London in high heels the whole day, especially when you don't drive.). I searched through all the high street brands, also asos, missguided etc. when I found these on F21's website.

Forever 21 Leather booties (£48-£56)
Sorry for the yellow lighting.

For me it's like love at first sight. The black ones are a bit plain for my liking. I was drooling over the high heels but I realized I had too many of them and they will probably end up in the closet for decoration anyway so I ordered the cut out flats with slight touch of animal prints and metallic straps. All of them are a little bit more pricey for F21 because they are supposed to be real leather. When they arrived, I expected them to be softer and easier to walk in. However they still look very nice and totally worth it. It is still cold in London so I probably won't be wearing these until March or April.

For short girls like me, looking for a perfect pair of trousers or jeans is like a nightmare. Everything is rather too big, too long, wide waist or not the style you wanted. For jeans I usually go to Miss Selfridge because they are probably the only brand that has short petite sizes that fit me perfectly (I know other brands do too but usually only a very tiny section). However, the styles are very limited :(. I was looking for a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans for ages, couldn't find them anywhere, until I saw a Missguided ad online. So I bought this pair of jeans in size 6.

They were still too big at the waist (I had to use a belt) and still too long so I had to roll them up a few times. I considered returning them, but oh well, they look great (Outfit post coming up soon).

The third thing(s) I bought recently were these gold midi rings. I have seen a lot of them on instagram lately and my exact thoughts were "I must have some of these in my life, no other choice". So I were hunting for them for the last month. Since they are a trend now, they weren't hard to find (my fingers are really small so kinda hard :)). So I purchased some of them from Primark and some of them from River Island.

Sending you guys some love :)

That is it for this month :).



It's Lamin here. Sometimes I can be really obsessive with watches and bags. I'm not totally attached to one particular thing but I do buy fashion products if I really love them. This month, I found a new golden   watch from Karl Lagerfeld which I waiting for from last year. I have the same watch in silver colour and it was one of my favourite watches. The price of golden watch is a little bit more expensive than the silver but it's definitely worth it. They are made of stainless steel and the design stands out with the pyramid circle. I've never seen any watches with this kind of design and it did catch attention from many people. They were like " OMG.... the watch is so cool. what this brand is?"and I will proudly say " This is Karl Lagerfeld." 

Price : Silver - £209  Gold - £259

London is usually windy and cold, an Asians like me feel like I will freeze in the wind but the wind can't blow me away (I am a big girl HAHA). So I decided to buy myself a nice scarf and I found it while I was shopping in Selfridges. I was planning to window shop only but I ended up doing some "real" shopping imstead. I found a Red Check Cashmere Scarf from Burberry which was different from other classic one. It have big red check mix with black and camel colour. There were so many people wearing Camel Cashmere Scarf which everybody will notice " This is Burberry."Anyway, with my mom's advice, I chose red one and I love it now. The quality is really nice and soft. If you looking for something different, this Burberry Red Check Cashmere Scarf will be perfect for you.

Hola, Every girl needs a bag. I also found a perfect New Year gift for myself in 2014. Here is the Michael Kors Saffiano Leather Tote. It looks so fashionable with the Saffiano Leather (Quality is nice and easy to clean). I am interning now and I need a bag which is comfortable for me to carry. It is with top handles and an adjustable long shoulder strap. I am totally in love with pulled-together style and carrying it everyday to work. It got two zips fastening which you can put small thing. In the middle space, you can actually put iPad, books and umbrella (which need for London weather). At the two end side, you can open the click to make it bigger. It is black, so it doesn't get dirty easily. I will recommend this tote bag to people who are looking for comfortable and two way stylish bag. 



Friday, 21 February 2014

London fashion week. Tata Naka presentation.

So you might not know that I've been interning for Tata Naka for over a month now. Tata Naka is a label set up by 2 Georgian twin sisters. They are known for their bright colourful and fun prints.

Their latest AW 2014 Collection

I got to help them backstage for the presentation which was very exciting. I even met a few Czech models which for me is absolutely great because I miss speaking Czech. It was a great, fun day. I met new people, experienced something new. It was a little tiring but totally worth it. Here are some pictures backstage and from the presentation.

Me with other lovely interns.


Tata Naka team.

Tiny me next to one of the models.


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

About Me

People call me Susu, but my real name is Dung (pronounced Zung). I'm full Vietnamese but I'm currenly studying fashion design in London. I'm based in London as well as Prague since my family lives there and I flight back every now and then. I speak fluently all three languages; Vietnamese, Czech & English.
 In short, I'm a 20-year-old girl with a lot of ambitions and hobbies. As you can see my main interest is fashion but I also love photography, art as well as movies and music. About my fashion taste, I don't have a particular style that I stick with. My taste in fashion is very broad and I usually dress according to my mood.

My blog was created in February 2014 but I really started to take it seriously just in the beginning of summer 2014 when I had more time to spend on it. When I started out I worked on it with a friend of mine and it was called Milk and Moon which made no sense but was very personal to the both of us. Later on she left and I took over the blog in the beginning of August 2014 with a new name and new domain (now Deemagination and

If you have any questions, business queries, sponsorship or collaboration email me at

I'm also looking for a photographer to collaborate with so if you are interested please also email me at (both in London and Prague). Hope we can create some great projects :)