Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Blue is my new pink

Hi everyone, finally a new blog post today. I have been so busy with my uni work there was literally no time to take pictures. So if you follow me on facebook you might know I have recently created a new YouTube channel. So far it's only in Czech but if I get enough viewers I might start doing videos in English as well. If you haven't watched the video you can still find it HERE. And my official YouTube channel is
So this outfit I am going to show you today is very casual and basic for the fall. I think during fall, a pair of boots and a boyfriend coat is a must have. I bought this coat from New Look (you can buy it HERE) and if you follow my Facebook, you might know that I have been considering between this pale blue and a baby pink jacket. I personally looove pink, especially the cotton candy, baby pinks. However, 30% of my closet is made of pink clothes and I barely had any pastel blues. So I thought I needed a change and I do not regret it. The coat is very cute and it compliments my body perfectly.
Now, let's talk more about my boots. I bought these on when I still had my membership. They have some amazingly awesome shoes, giving me butterflies everytime. However, they didn't have my exact size and barely any shoes fit me so I had to cancel my membership. I have talked about this website once on one of my previous posts (you can find it HERE).

Zdravím všichni! Konečně je tu nový blog post. Byla jsem strašně moc zaneprazdná se školou a doslova jsem neměla žádný čas na focení. Jestli mě sledujete na facebooku tak víte že jsem nově založila YouTube channel kde budu mluvit víc o osobních věcech. Jestli jste ještě neviděli moje první video tak to můžete najít ZDE. A můj oficiální channel je
Outfit co vám dnes ukážu je velmi casual a basic na podzim. Kozačky a boyfriend kabát jsou věci které nesmí chybět na podzim (a zimu). Koupila jsem tento kabát z New Look (můžete ho koupit ZDE). Jestli mě sledujete na Facebooku tak víte že jsem nějakou dobu váhala mezi světle modrou a světle růžovou barvou a jestli mě běžně sledujete tak víte že miluji růžovou. Jenže asi 30% věcí v mým šatníku jsou růžové tak jsem si řekla že potřebuju změnu. A opravdu toho nelituji, kabát je super a pěkně komlimentuje mou postavu.

Coat: New Look
Jeans: Boohoo
Boots: JustFab

Monday, 13 October 2014

New Youtube Channel

Hodně lidí mi navrho abych začala dělat YouTube videa a přislo mi to jako hodně dobrý nápad. Na blogu je to jen trochu omezený. Dělala bych videa a vlogy, můžou to být jen tak z mého každodeního života nebo třeba nějaký haul a tipy na módu, a třeba občas i nějaké skincare tipy. A outfity budou stale na blogu.

První video jsem chtěla udělat s 50 náhodnými fakty o mně abyste mě mohli poznat lépe. Bohůžel nebyl čas tak jsem stihla jen 40 :D Snad se vám bude líbit a můj YouTube Channel mužete najít ZDE.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Hybrid dress + GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone,
So I haven't updated my blog in the last few weeks because I couldn't get anybody to take photos for me. Yes, I do feel very guilty so I have a giveaway prepared for you guys by the end of this post. So don't click away and finish it :D.
 So I just got this stunning Hybrid Crepe Dress with Cut Out Sleeve Details in Magenta. It also comes in black, purple, red and orange. The front slit is adding that sexy and feminine touch to it and I absolutely love how the dress compliments the body. HYBRID has a great variety of dresses that are elegant and classy as well as casual and dreamy. So if you are going to any events like weddings, cocktail parties, dinner dates etc. that's where I suggest you to shop. 
Here are some of my picks. (Click on images to buy)

So let's get to the GIVEAWAY!!! I'm giving out this dress that I'm wearing for this photoshoot. The dress is in size 6 and originally sold for £137. The only thing you have to do is follow my BLOG (GFC or Bloglovin), my FACEBOOK PAGE, and my INSTAGRAM. Also check out HYBRID's website and like them on FACEBOOK. After that just leave a comment below with your email. Easy right? The winner will be announced in 2 weeks on my facebook page as well as my blog so stay updated :)

Mám pro vás připravenou GIVEAWAY! Budou to tyto šaty co mám na sobě, jsou ve velikosti 6 (XS) (takže pro malé slečny jako jsem já) a jsou originálně za £137 (cca 4500 Kč). Mě jsou trochu dlouhé ale jsem si jistá že budou vypadat suprově na vysokých slečnách :). 
Jak se zúčastnit? Stačí když mi dáte follow na BLOG (GFC nebo Bloglovin), FACEBOOK stránku, a INSTAGRAM. Také navštivte HYBRID WEBSITE, a dejte jim like na FACEBOOKU. Poté jen nechte v komentářích váš email. Jednoduché že? Oznámím výherce za 2 týdny na své Facebook stránce a i na blogu takže nezapomeňte checknout :)

Dress: Hybrid Fashion
Shoes: Aldo

Saturday, 20 September 2014

All black everything

Hi everyone, hope you are having a great weekend. If you know me you might know that I'm not really a fan of "all black everything". The color is just depressing to me and I'm a fun person and I want my clothes to reflect my personality. However, we all need a change sometimes and this time I tried an all black outfit. I always liked that cool but serious and tailored look so I just love blazers and tailored trousers. I purchased this pair of trousers on Asos ( unfortunately out of stock now) and I just love how it made me look so tall even though I'm only 1m58. I paired them with a Hazel Tassel Crop top I purchased from Inthestyle for the casual and not too formal look.

Zdravím všichni :) doufám že se máte dobře. Jestli mě znáte tak víte že nejsem zrovna největší fanynka "all black". Ta barva mi přijde depresivní a já jsem zrovna zábavný člověk a chci aby moje outfity taky tak vypadaly. Ale každej potřebuje změnu a tentokrát jsem vyzkoušela "all black" outfit. Vždycky se mi líbil cool ale seriózní fitted look takže miluju saka a dobře vypasovaný kalhoty. Koupila jsem tyto kalhoty už nějakou dobu z Asosu (bohužel už to tam není) a uplně jsem se zamilovala jak mi dělají delší nohy ikdyž měřím jen 1m58 :(. Kombinovala jsem kalhoty s crop topem co jsem koupila z Inthestyle pro nenucený a ne tolik formální look.

Trousers: Asos
Blazer: H&M

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Sheer Panel

Hi everyone. So, if you read my blog you would know that I have recently moved home. I wanted to update my blog more regularly, probably 3 times a week. However the internet here is extremely slow, it takes me 2 hours to upload 1 picture and the landlord seems like she's not going to do anything about it.
Anyways, a lot of people have asked me why do I blog, what is my blog for? Isn't instagram enough? If you follow my facebook page, I have already made this clear but once again I will quote my facebook status.

"Some people don't get the concept of blogging. Like my mum, it was really hard for me to explain to her about what I do. This is what I love to do, I'd love inspire people, to share my thoughts, to be creative. I enjoy every part of my blog. The only thing I regret is that I didn't start it earlier. Before that, some days when I dress up really nicely, I feel very good, very confident but it made me sad that the outfits weren't captured, nobody could see it and it stayed unappreciated. But now, my blog is like a diary of my outfits that I can share with the world. My mum still thinks it's a waste of time and I should be focusing on my studies. Hopefully in few years I can prove her wrong"

Now, let's focus on my outfit. And no, I don't dress like this every day :D, this is just for the photoshoot, but I guess you can wear this outfit on occasions like Fashion week, cocktail parties, weddings etc. This beautiful skirt is from Asos (you can get it HERE), as I said before I had this obsession with midi skirts lately and I purchased 3 very similar skirts in different colors. I'm not really a fan of black color but this one had the sheer panel detail that was very different from others that I purchased. I added a touch of yellow since black & white would be a bit depressing for my personality. I'm a fun person. That's it from me and I hope you like the outfit :)

Top: Boohoo
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Ebay
Bag: Boohoo